Annual Parish Report (September 1, 2016 - August 31, 2017)

Highlights of 2016-17


The overall financial condition of the parish is very good.  In fact, our total net assets (i.e. our financial resources minus our financial obligations) have increased to $480,922, nearly a 3% increase over August 31, 2016 and a 75% increase from August 31, 2013.  This is a direct result of closely managing our expenses and increased giving from our parish family.  I wish to express my gratitude to the members of the Finance Council - Mercedes Colwin (Chairperson), Anthony Corrente, Neil DeRosa, Brian Dossie, and Kathleen Wright and Trustees - Dr. John Shamul and Charles Pendola for their wise counsel and advice.



  • Our Regular Collections, which include Sundays, Holydays, Christmas, Easter and Special collections have increased by 3% to nearly $401,000.
  • The parish has 1,449 families registered.
  • Online Giving has increased to about 15% of those who donate. We continue to encourage our parish family to use WeShare which has the potential to increase giving and reduce administrative costs. 
  • Approximately 600 envelopes were mailed every other month. Of these, approximately 175 contributed regularly. 


Fund Raising

  • Net Fundraising Activities reached $130,920 which includes the Annual Golf Outing, Feast & Festival and Catholic Ministries Appeal
  • The annual Golf Outing which recognized the selfless dedication of our CYO Coordinators and Coaches – who share their time and talent to inspire and guide our youth on and off the court was very successful both financially and in participation.
  • God graced the parish with fine weather for our annual St. Pius X Feast & Festival which had more than 250 volunteers, and record attendance and sponsorship. Truly the Miracle of the Feast was the warmth of our parish family - the joy of seeing fathers & mothers serving side by side with their children, young serving with those a generation (or two) between them, professionally trained chefs & bartenders volunteering their skills, new parishioners jumping right in and got involved. 
  • Total payments to the 2016 Catholic Ministries Appeal reached $76,738 from which the parish received a rebate of $40,570.



  • Average Mass attendance has increased approximately 9%! For this, we give thanks!
  • Our monthly Family Liturgy is well attended as is "San Pio Cafe" which welcomes everyone to hospitality following the liturgy and provides an opportunity to get to know one another. Each month the hospitality is hosted by one or more parish ministries.
  • Bi-annual meetings of our Ministry Leaders continue to encourage strategic planning, spiritual development and ongoing faith formation among all members of our ministries. We are pleased to ministries working together to offer creative opportunities for prayer followed by a social event.
  • Welcome/Consolation Ministry – Our Bakers Ministry continues to prepare baked goods along with a parish card of welcome and delivers to all new parishioners approximately a month following parish registration. In addition, our bakers deliver home baked goods along with a parish card of condolence approximately a month following the funeral to families who have lost loved ones. 


Open to Dialogue! - The Pastor continues to gather with a group of parents to engage in an ongoing dialogue so that he can more fully understand the needs and concerns of families and how our parish family is (or is not) responding.


Faith Formation

  • Our PreK Bible program taught by experienced educator, Cathy Polz is flourishing!
  • Enrollment: 255 students – while this represents a 4% decline from the prior year, it reflects the demographics of the area.


CYO - Our CYO Program under the leadership of Carlos Vieira (Basketball) and Laura Feijoo (Volleyball) continues to flourish.  While the program provides financial support to the parish, we are most grateful for the life lessons and guidance offered to all the children in the program.


Capital & Other Improvements

  • New air conditioning units were installed in the church.  
  • Parish and Faith Formation Office computers were replaced with more state-of-the-art technology. In addition, operating system and MS Office suite upgrades were installed.  Parish database system was also upgraded to the most current version. 
  • New industrial quality refrigerator as well as a freezer were purchased to replace the original refrigerators.
  • Statues in Our Lady’s grotto freshly painted; repair and painting of the St. Pius X statue on the school building in progress.


God Bless You,
Fr. Valentine


    2016-17   2015-16
  (8/31/17)   (8/31/16)
Regular Collections        
Sundays & Holydays   343,958   329,918
Christmas & Easter   56,929   59,621
Total Regular Collections   400,887   389,539
Catholic Ministries Appeal   42,581   40,090
Feast   32,440   35,948
Golf Outing   55,899   55,559
Total Fundraising   130,920   131,597
Parish Programs        
Religious Education   50,199   48,066
CYO   113,728   123,681
Other programs   4,881   21,035
Total Programs   168,808   192,782
Other Revenue        
Interest   101   103
Donations & Bequest   51,490   42,554
Votive, Shrines, Baptism, Weddings   29,151   26,061
Auxiliary revenue   15,475   14,591
Total Other Revenue   96,217   83,309
Restricted revenue for capital improvements defered to 2017-2018   -126,359    
Total Revenue   670,473   797,227
Excludes rental inc, Dioc coll        
Salaries & Benefits
 (excludes Rel Ed salary only)
  304,205   310,621
Professional Fees   9,450   11,640
Total Salaries   313,655   322,261
Parish Programs        
Religious Education   51,213   56,954
CYO   50,239   60,265
Other programs   4,063   19,194
Total Parish Programs   105,515   136,413
Regional School Subsidy   46,744   45,796
Total Subsidies   46,744   45,796
Postage, printing, supplies   6,133   6,800
Telephone (includes cable)   6,828   3,668
Office leases/Contracted Services   11,925   9,800
Total Office   24,886   20,268
Liturgical Expenses (includes flowers)   14,791   14,465
Choir   445   2,381
Diocesan assessment   63,688   61,531
Rectory   29,361   41,926
Miscellaneous   6,542   3,250
Total Other   114,827   123,553
Building & Maintenance        
Utilities   17,338   17,873
Maintenance & Repairs   20,604   21,666
Building Insurance   33,592   34,459
Capital Expenditures   13,470   170,904
Total Building & Maintenance   85,004   244,902
Total Expenses   690,631   893,193
Net (exclusive of Rental Income)   (20,158)   (95,966)
Rental Income (Net)   158,641   150,057
Net   138,483   54,091
Net Assets (August 31, 2017)   480,922    
Net Assets (August 31, 2016)   342,440    
Net Assets (August 31, 2015)   288,349