St. Pius X CYO Basketball Intramural Team Frequently Asked Questions


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We pray that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe.  These past few months have certainly been challenging for us all, some more than others.  Our CYO program is not exempt.  The St. Pius X CYO program continues to have a vital impact in our community.  Since its inception, our CYO sports program prides itself on providing a safe and supportive environment which teaches our youth radical unselfishness, demand for excellence, leadership, as well as acceptance and understanding of others.  All lessons required not only to be a vital part of a team, but for life. 

With the safety, health and well-being of our youth, coaches, and staff as a priority, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020/21 Basketball season (Travel and Intramural).  We want to make it clear that this is a short-term decision.  As a people of HOPE, we are already planning for the 2021/22 season.  We believe in and are committed to our CYO sports program for our youth.  However, given the current health and safety concerns because of Covid-19, we are compelled to opt for the safety of our youth. 

God Bless You,

Fr. Valentine, Pastor



CYO Intramural Basketball – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

E-mail:  for intramurals please call church office; for travel email [email protected]



Q:  Who can Play St. Pius X Intramural Basketball?

A:  Any boy grades 3 - 12 or girls grades 3 - 8.  No restrictions on residency – we welcome everyone for Intramurals! 


Q:  When does the season start?

A:  There are two intramural seasons. The first runs from September through December (the “Fall” season) and the second runs from January through March (the “Winter” season).  Although this is subject to change, boys' grades 5 – 8 play in the Fall and grades 3 – 4 play in the Winter. Girls play in Winter. High School Grades will play in Fall and may continue in Winter.  There may also be a 2nd grade clinic available in Winter if we have enough interest.


Q:  How are the grades combined?

A:  The grades are combined as follows: 3rd & 4th, 5th & 6th, 7th & 8th, 9th & 10th, 11th & 12th. These combinations may be subject to change based on numbers of registrants.


Q:  How many games are there? How long is each session? When are games played?

A:  Each season contains 10 weeks of practice / games. Typically the first 2 weeks are practice only and the next 8 weeks are games.  The session will last 1 hour and will always be played on Saturdays at varying times from 9am – 6pm. Usually the first 20 minutes of a game will be spent practicing with the remaining 40 minutes of actual game playing.


Q:  Do you keep score? Do you keep standings? Are there Playoffs?

A:  The intramural program will run the same as last year.  We will keep score for grades 5 – 12. For grades 3 – 4 we keep score but reset the clock to zero after each quarter. No standings, no playoffs. All grades have refs. The refs are former players in our program. They are there primarily to instruct the children on how to play basketball.


Q: What is the 2nd grade clinic?

A: This is a clinic-only 10 sessions run once a week for those kids that are just learning the game of basketball. The entire session focus of basic foundations of basketball, teaching kids dribbling, shooting, and passing. As kids feel more comfortable they will also learn rules of the game and game-like plays.


Q:  When are signups?

A:  Signups will begin in June with online registration ONLY - Click HERE  (this link is inactive) to access online registration. 

Online registration ONLY. We need to hold registration early in the summer so we can plan the schedule, have the teams set, the coaches selected and the jerseys ready for a September start. 


Q:  How much does it cost?

A:  The cost for the intramural season is $150 which includes a Jersey. 


Q:  Do you accept Credit Cards?

A:  YES!  Click HERE  (this link is inactive) to pay by credit card.    


Q:  Can I request to play with my friends?

A:  We cannot guarantee any requests.


Questions ...refer all intamural questions to pastor by calling church office or see the St. Pius X CYO website  for additional information.