Our Amazing Youth!

This Summer is the “Summer of Our Youth”!  We are taking time to look at the positive things our youth are doing by showcasing their gifts of faith, academics, community spirit and involvement.  I invite you to take time to discover the passion of our youth and how they contribute to a better world.  With so many negative things happening in the world today, let us focus on our Amazing Youth who are Making a Difference!  Believe me … their stories definitely reinstate our faith in our young people.  Be surprised, proud and amazed at all our young people do to make their life purposeful and to make the community around them better.  The spirit of our youth is alive and well – reminding us our future is bright.

So … each week during the Summer, I have invited one of our Amazing Youth to prepare a reflection to share with our parish family.  We have so many Amazing Youth that it was difficult to select only a handful.  I may continue into the Fall!  The accomplishments of our amazing youth will astound you!  They are engaged in college level research, non-profit service organizations, music and the arts, mission work in impoverished areas of our country, sports, service to our Church, Youth Group, and much more!  They are not only engaged in these activities … they EXCEL!

You have already heard from ( read about) Dylan Lomelo, a Chaminade student entering his Junior year in September.  Dylan has undertaken a community service project collecting & refurbishing gently used sneakers for donation to Fr. Chux’s mission in Ishiaghu, Nigeria and also to the LI charitable organization “Sneakers for All”.  This week you will read about Ashley Pajer, a Manhattan College student entering her Junior year in September.  You may recognize Ashley as she worked in our parish as a sacristan and week-end office assistant during her high school years.  In June, you had the opportunity to hear from (and read about) Jennifer Golio who just completed her first year at Southern Wesleyan University.  Jen is highly accomplished in academics and is being recruited by the Marines for the JAG Corp. 

Each of our Amazing Youth will be sharing their story about their remarkable accomplishments, but in addition, they will be reflecting on the vital role their faith has played (and continues to play) in their lives.  Asley and Jen shared their reflections on their transition to college, the challenges, rewards and lessons learned for keeping their faith alive.  Dylan shared about how his service project has made him more aware of the needs of  the less fortunate right here on Long Island … that a refurbished pair of sneakers can make all the difference to a person.

The stories and the reflections you will read are unique … I am sure you will be as amazed and proud as I am.  I am a proud Father … to say the least!

Let’s not allow our children to be a statistic.  While they live in our homes, are educated in our Faith Formation program, worship in our church, we have every opportunity and responsibility to shape and mold them into faith-filled young adults who are focused on the right priorities.  They will follow our example and grow up to be much like us when they have families of their own.

Please take the time to stop and chat with one of our Amazing Youth!  Please take the time to join me in praying for all our Youth!

God Bless You,
Fr. Valentine

Click on the picture below of one of our AMAZING YOUTH to read their story!

Samantha Borruso

Caitlin Caiazza

Casie Caiazza

Matthew Dossie

Brandon Humbert Dylan Lomelo
 Ashley Pajer  Natalia Sloma  Michaela Sedita

Nicholas Sallie
Isabella Kopp
Jackie Borruso

Julia Eterno

Claire, Paul & James Shamul