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Does anyone care, God?

Posted by Fr. Valentine Rebello on 12/02/16

Does anyone care, God?

How can anyone hear without someone to preach? 

We all have a vocation. “Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men.”  We are called to be Christ to all we encounter in our daily lives by how we ‘see hear and act”. ... Read More »

First Sunday of Advent

Posted by Fr. Valentine Rebello on 11/26/16

“you also must be prepared,for at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will come.”

America is obsessed with the future: the stock market, computers and electronic development, college, retirement, etc. We don’t like to wait, we are impatient. We want to be in control.

But ... Read More »

One door closes another one opens

Posted by Fr. Valentine Rebello on 11/20/16

One door closes another one opens

We are ‘closing’ the doors of mercy and praising Christ the King on the same Sunday.

The image of ‘closing’ the door of mercy is difficult for me. Then I remember that Jesus didn’t need a door to come into the upper room ... Read More »

Fear of the Lord

Posted by Fr. Valentine Rebello on 11/13/16

“Lo, the day is coming,” Mal 3:19

“Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be powerful earthquakes, famines, and plagues…” Luke

This week’s readings are not so comforting. Such readings should indeed bring forth awe and fear, while at the same time showing us who ... Read More »

All Are Alive!

Posted by Fr. Valentine Rebello on 11/05/16

Luke 20:27-38

“they are like angels; and they are the children of God…. he is not God of the dead, but of the living, for to him all are alive.”

As Christians, this is our belief: We believe that the dead are still alive, still themselves and, very importantly, ... Read More »

Thank you ...

Posted by Fr. Valentine Rebello on 10/08/16

How many times have you heard an adult encouraging a child to say those two words “Thank You?”


Do you need someone to repeat the same reminder to you?

When you serve others, only about 10% will thank you.

Realize this when you serve others, or else you ... Read More »

“You always hurt the one you love”.‏

Posted by Fr. Valentine Rebello on 8/20/16

There is a romantic song called “You always hurt the one you love”.

In this weekend’s 2nd reading, that is the message I get.

‘For whom the Lord loves, he disciplines;’ Hebrews 12

When I was in catholic grammar school, the nuns really pushed these scripture thoughts.

“For behold, ... Read More »

What if Jeremiah was an Olympian?

Posted by Fr. Valentine Rebello on 8/14/16

The Olympian’s hearts are ablaze with desire.

Their eyes are fixed on the prize.

They persevere in training and prevail despite all obstacles weighing them down and holding them back.

Role models before them have blazed a trail.

In winning or in defeat, at the finish line “I did ... Read More »

What if?‏

Posted by Fr. Valentine Rebello on 7/30/16

“and I shall say to myself, “Now as for you, you have so many good things stored up for many years, rest, eat, drink, be merry!”   Luke 12:13-21


When you have too much stuff, do you build another closet/barn?

What if someone were to open your closets?  What ... Read More »

What if?

Posted by Fr. Valentine Rebello on 7/29/16

Lord, teach us to pray     Did you do your homework?   Praise God?   Bring a little heaven to earth?   Handle your transgression?   Imagine, what if , we all did.