Family Youth Mass!


Next Monthly Teen/Family Youth Mass

SUNDAY, MARCH 29 at  5:00pm

At St. Pius X, we are developing a strong focus on liturgical celebrations for teens as part of our Youth Ministry.  To demonstrate our focus, we bring teens together at a "Teen/Family Youth Mass" once every month during the school year.  The mass, for the teens of our parish, and their families, offers a special time to celebrate together in a youth-oriented liturgy where all in high school have the chance to participate in various ministry roles of the mass. The music, more contemporary, and the liturgy a little more inviting and easy to follow, help lead to a deeper participation in the mass by teens.  The Youth Mass also provides an opportunity for them to reacquaint themselves with old friends and to meet with other teens in the parish.  Whether we have a specific role at the Youth Masses, or not, we all work with another to make everyone feel welcome and work diligently together to provide an uplifting and prayerful atmosphere for the Mass.  Our goal remains simple: grow closer to Christ ourselves, and encourage others to do the same, which is why we do what we do.

We believe that liturgy can speak to teens, we just need to make sure they are present (along with their families to hear the same message) at our liturgical gatherings. We also believe that we need always to include teens in the Church conversation and dialogue – let them speak, and teach them how to listen to the word of God speaking to them. In all this we remember that teens are not the Church of tomorrow; they are the Church of today, and they have an important part. We must believe in them and in their sincerity and show them our care and love through our liturgies where we have the opportunity to talk openly with them about issues that touch their lives. We must proclaim the truth with love to the teens knowing that a good Liturgy experience can and will transform them in their everyday lives - which is why we are introducing Teen/Family Youth Masses.

The Teen/Family Youth Masses are at the 5pm Liturgy on designated Sundays.  All 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade faith formation students and their families must make this the mass of their choice for the week. 

Teen Participation - Get Involved!

We all know that group gatherings are best when we all participate.  If you would like to share your musical talents at our liturgies, either as a musician or a vocalist, let me know – send an e-mail to Fr. Valentine at [email protected] or call the Parish Office at (516)938-3856.

As with all masses, we also need readers, ushers, a cross bearer, gift bearers, and teens to hand out bulletins at the conclusion of mass.  Candidates have active roles at these masses; we discuss these roles at our youth group and Confirmation gatherings.