Are you ready to experience the Mercy of God?

Dear Families,

Last weekend I preached at all the Masses, speaking about the Catholic Ministries Appeal.  I do ask you to seriously and prayerfully consider making a pledge or a one-time donation to the Appeal.  As I mentioned in my homily, perhaps even more important than the size of the gift is that we have a large number of parishioners participating, giving whatever they can.  It is really, really important for us to make our goal this year, and I’m sure you will respond with the same wonderful generosity that has always characterized the parishioners of the St. Pius X parish family.

I thank those parishioners who mentioned to me that they would be making a pledge this year after not having donated for a number of years.  In fact, one of the parishioner stopped me after Mass and immediately gave me a check of $150 towards the Catholic Ministries Appeal 2016.  Your return is greatly appreciated!

Are you ready to experience the Mercy of God? 

Ash Wednesday is just around the corner — February 10th.  Now is the time to begin thinking about how you will make this a fruitful Lent.  Remember, doing Lenten penance is not just about some kind of endurance contest, i.e., “I’ll see if I can give something up for 40 days,” and then going right back to it afterward.  No, Lenten penance is about cooperating with God’s grace to bring about conversion of mind and heart, so that as a result of doing penance, we are closer to the Lord and more faithfully living the life he calls us to live.  A Lenten penance might involve giving something up, but it might also or instead involve doing something more, taking on some Lenten practice or action of love for someone else.

We will be providing special booklets to assist you in your spiritual journey during Lent, Doorway to Mercy by Ann Naffziger In addition, please pick up a Year of Mercy key chain tag to remind us of the merciful love of our Father.  Look for both in the foyer of the Church starting this weekend. 

God Bless You,

Fr. Valentine