Online Giving (WeShare)





My Dear Parish Family,

We have moved into the 21st Century!  Online giving for faith communities, in many ways, has become the “final frontier” in a society that is completely technology-driven. Our bank accounts are accessed online. We receive paperless statements for our credit cards. Our utilities are either paid online or set up for automatic payments. Even our pay checks and social security checks are direct deposit. Yet many of us cannot give our churches a contribution online. What does this say to those in a technology-driven society who may already be questioning the relevance of faith in their lives?

Well – no longer!  Our parish began offering online giving for weekly contributions on the first Sunday of Advent (December 1, 2013).  To get started, click on the WeShare link above. 

Need help getting started?  Not a problem.  Our office staff will be available to assist – just give us a call. 

God Bless You –

Fr. Valentine