Faith Formation - Mass Reflection Sheets

Family Faith Formation - Mass Reflection
(SUBMIT Mass Reflection to your Catechist - CLICK HERE for Reflection Sheet)

Dear Parents,

The Mass, by its very nature, is a profoundly personal and living experience. When Catholics enter a church for Mass, they have immediate personal contact with other believers and the priest-celebrant, even if they don’t know any of them. Most important of all, a person’s participation at Mass culminates with the personal reception of Holy Communion, an act that can never occur through even the most sophisticated technology.  Part of our Family Faith Formation program is that attending mass is required.  Every family will now be required to turn in one Family Mass Reflection form per month.

The goal of a Mass Reflection is to help engage your family with what is going on during the Mass through making faith connections to our daily lives. After discussing your family's experience, please answer these questions and turn in a minimum of one per month for your family.

God Bless You,

Fr. Valentine, Pastor
Mrs. Gail Gomula, Coordinator of Faith Formation