Staff Member: Deacon John Burkart

Deacon John Burkart

Phone: (516)938-3956

Ordained in June of 1990, Deacon John Burkart has baptized more than 1000 babies and presided over hundreds of weddings, wake services, and burials.

“God called me to be a deacon,” Deacon John said as he shared the beauties and blessings of religious life. “And when God calls you, you know.”

A happily married husband of 48 years, a father of five, and a grandfather of eight, Deacon John continuously places God in the center of all aspects of his life.

“I have a Ph.D. in neuroendocrinology, and I have counseled people suffering from depression, anxiety, and substance abuse problems,” Deacon John said as he explained how his education and experience in the field has allowed him to minister to those struggling with mental illnesses. “I know about neurological disorders; I can give good advice.”

With hopes of continuing his ministry of serving those who suffer from such ailments, Deacon John wholeheartedly places his trust in God as he opens new doors to his future.

“Your vocation comes from God,” Deacon John said. “And God’s given me my health that I can minister.”

Photo of Deacon John Burkart