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We pray that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe.  These past few months have certainly been challenging for us all, some more than others.  Our CYO program is not exempt.  The St. Pius X CYO program continues to have a vital impact in our community.  Since its inception, our CYO sports program prides itself on providing a safe and supportive environment which teaches our youth radical unselfishness, demand for excellence, leadership, as well as acceptance and understanding of others.  All lessons required not only to be a vital part of a team, but for life. 

With the safety, health and well-being of our youth, coaches, and staff as a priority, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021/22 Basketball season (Travel and Intramural).  We want to make it clear that this is a short-term decision.  As a people of HOPE, we are already planning for the 2022/23 season.  We believe in and are committed to our CYO sports program for our youth.  However, given the current health and safety concerns because of Covid-19, we are compelled to opt for the safety of our youth. 

God Bless You,

Fr. Valentine, Pastor



CYO Travel Basketball – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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In regards to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions concerning CYO Travel Basketball – Here are some answers to the most popular questions.  Any further question please email [email protected]


 Q: When are tryouts?

St. Pius X CYO Travel Basketball Tryout Dates 

GIRLS:  (no dates have been set)
BOYS:  (no dates have been set)



Registration for Travel Team tryouts is REQUIRED.  To register for Travel Team tryouts, click (this link is inactive)  HERE


Q: Who can try out?

A: For the Upcoming CYO Travel Basketball season, CYO of Nassau Suffolk will again be enforcing the residency requirement this year (Please note that there are now eligibility requirements per CYO for NEW players. Existing CYO travel players are grandfathered in)  NEW Basketball players must meet one of the following requirements in order to tryout and play travel basketball at St. Pius.

The rules that CYO will be adhering to are as follows to allow a child to tryout and play on a St. Pius X travel team:

  1. Returning St. Pius X CYO Travel Basketball player (if you played on a St. Pius X travel team during 2017/2018 you are approved to tryout and play, except if a temporary waiver was issued)
  2. Family is a Parishioner of St. Pius in good standing for prior two years
  3. Family is not a parishioner of St. Pius, but lives within St. Pius X parish zoning (Click Here
  4. Lives in a parish area with no program - this affects a small portion of north Plainview zoned for a Woodbury parish where no program exists.

If none of the above applies to you, you must go to your resident parish to tryout for their team (Our Lady of Mercy in Hicksville, St. Martin in Bethpage and St. Killian’s in Farmingdale).  If there's no team for you to play, we may request a waiver from CYO. See note below from their website

What's a waiver?
It is the philosophy of CYO that ALL participants play in the parish in which they reside.
However, due to extenuating circumstances (no program, closed programs, etc...) this many not always be possible.
Waivers are required for any participants that are playing in a parish program other than the one in which they presently reside or for any other condition that does not adhere to these policies (i.e. gender, grade level, interscholastic, etc.). All waivers are strictly evaluated by the Eligibility Committee under the rules interpretation set forth.

Waivers granted for other sports (volleyball) do not carry over to basketball.

If none of the above applies, you will not be eligible to tryout for St. Pius X Travel Basketball, as CYO will not approve a waiver and your placement on the team. In addition, CYO will not grant a waiver if there is room in a team of your resident parish and/or if cuts are made in a team you for which you are asking to play.

Additional zoning questions, tryout requirements or waiver questions can be directed to CYO – either the Compliance Specialist or the Zone 5 Coordinator and they will explain the travel policies.

All Parish Boundary Maps can be here – CYO Parish Boundary Maps.


Q: When does the season start?

A: The travel season starts in October for the Girls and in November for the Boys.  Practices start in September for all.  When the team is assembled the coaches will work with the St. Pius Coordinators to set up a time slot.  The home games and practices will be on that day and time.  Practices and games are typically 1 day per week.  Your home time slot will be used for home games.  Away games can be during the week or weekend at any time.  A season is 12 games – 6 home and 6 away.


Q: Do we have to try out if we are only interested in intramurals?

A: No the tryouts are to form a travel team that will play against other towns across Long Island.  This will be a competitive program with standings, referees and the keeping of the score.  If you are not interested in travel, signups for the intramural season will be in early June.


Q: What is the commitment level?

A: The goal is to make a competitive team.  It will be expected that you will make all practices and games and adhere to the St. Pius CYO Philosophy.


Q: If we try out and don’t make the team can we still play in the intramural program?

A: Yes, the intramural program will run the same as every year.  No standings, no playoffs. 


Q: How many Travel teams will we have for the different age groups?

A: This will be determined by the number of kids that show up for tryouts, the level of talent and the availability of coaches and gym time. Currently our program offers boys and girls from 4th grade through High School the ability to play travel basketball.


Q: How far are the away games?

A: The schedule is not set up but we generally play the neighboring towns. 


Q: Can I play travel and intramurals?

A: Yes, many children do both. The goal of the intramural program is to teach and have fun. The travel program is for the more competitive level players, but many travel players use the intramural program to improve their skills.