All you need is LOVE


A tribute to this wonderful band...

Can you be commanded to LOVE?

The love story between God and man

Make us love? That seems odd. Can we be made to love? Isn’t love an emotion, something we have little control over? How can we be commanded to love?

Love is not a feeling, but an action. It is a decision. Further, it is a decision to put the needs of someone else before our own. Sometimes love requires us to do very difficult things: to confront a loved one who is entangled in addiction, to stand at the bedside of a dying friend, to discipline a teen, comfort a toddler. There are some people that would be hard for me to love.

Love is a choice; God never forces us to do anything. We are free creatures. But if we follow Christ, we must follow his commands and He commands us to love. We love – not as a feeling – but as action, acting as Christ would, seeing others with his eyes.  His friends are my friends.

Help us love at the times when it is most difficult to love.