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‘be good for goodness sake’

Posted by Fr. Valentine Rebello on 12/23/17

‘be good for goodness sake’


Think about it.


We are almost threatened to be ‘good’ because Santa is coming.


What about just ‘BEING” good.

Be good for goodness sake.

Be good, it is the right thing to do, not because of punishment or reward

Be good, ... Read More »

Do you see what I see?

Posted by Fr. Valentine Rebello on 12/10/17

Do you remember counting the days until Christmas?

Being on your best behavior to protect that ‘list to Santa’.

You had to hold yourself in check every day.

‘You better be good, Santa is watching’.

What would Santa see you doing?

You wanted to be doing good, because you ... Read More »


Posted by Fr. Valentine Rebello on 12/04/17

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