Faith within Chaos ~ The view from the boat.

Faith within Chaos

        The view from the boat.


So you’re a disciple. You have just come from a place where many people were fed from 5 loaves and fishes.

Now Jesus has you get into a boat in the middle of a storm!

But you have faith, so you stay. You feel safe in the boat.

But that crazy guy Peter wants to climb out of the boat and WALK ON WATER.

Is he putting his faith, and Jesus, to the test?

Or does he just want to walk where Jesus walks? To be with him. To have the strength that faith in Jesus provides?

But, almost immediately upon realizing what he was doing, he starts to sink. Our own faith works exactly like that, at times it lets us walk on water and at other times we sink like a stone.

Faith works like that: We can walk on water only as long as we don’t think that we are doing it with our own strength.