One Word

Studies  tell us that 80% of New Year’s Resolutions  fail by February. 


Typically, resolutions are based on the person we are tired of being. With so many areas to choose from and change, the list becomes too long. Resolutions that try to change a negative, leave no room for growth.


What if our hopes for the year ahead centered instead on who God wants us to become?

It’s okay to want to be a better you, and the New Year is a natural time to start. The question is, how?

My One Word 

 When you choose a single word, you have a clarity and focus. You are moving toward the future rather than swearing off the past.

The first step is to simply take some time and decide what kind of person you want to be at the end of this year. This goes beyond simply being healthier and wealthier, but it must drive deep into your soul. What about the condition of your heart? What about the person that God Himself has created you to be?

There might be fifteen things that you want to change, but you must resist the temptation to promise you will do them all. Instead, simply commit to ONE WORD.

Understand that this process is hard but staying focused on your word will help you to struggle in the right direction so that you can actually see God working in your life.


Of note. My 16-year-old grandson and I did this at the beginning of 2019.

I could foresee events unfolding that would change things in my life.

I chose the word ACCEPT.

My grandson, a freshman in High School at the time, had a life filled with drama. He chose the word, SIMPLIFY.

 It WORKS! When I faced another change, my mind flashed ‘ACCEPT”.

My grandson said he could feel the drama on the cell phone messages and used his phone less. AMAZING!

Your WORD will pop into your brain when you least expect it, but probably need it.